Palomino & Swissy’s Screening Starring Shawn Parsons, Briana Marin, Eric Roberts and Special Appearance by Jasper Cole at the Austin Film Festival

Palomino & Swissy’s screening starring Shawn Parsons (Men In Black: International, 12 Years A Slave), Briana Marin (The Leftovers, A Walk Among the Tombstones) and Eric Roberts (The Expendables, The Dark Knight) with a special appearance by Jasper Cole (ABC’s The Rookie, Training Day) is at the prestigious Austin Film Festival on Sunday October 27 at 9:45pm at the Hideout Theatre, which is located at 617 Congress Ave in Austin, Texas. This crime-drama-western TV series from Adaptive Studios is a violent romp following an outlaw power couple through the dirty outlying towns of Los Angeles as they steal a rabbit foot briefcase full of money from a drug lord within his own gang-infested, desert kingdom. It’s an empty desert of opportunities. The writers of this show are Brian Groh (CBS’ Cyber, TNT’s Major Crimes) and Julien Lasseur (Remus, Broken), with Lasseur directing.

This much buzzed about show also stars Helena Cardona (Chocolat, X-Men Apocalypse), Alexandra Grey (Empire, How to Get Away with Murder) and Bess Rous (Ghostbusters, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy).

Palomino & Swissy poster

“I’m grateful to the amazing casting director Russell Boast for offering me the cameo role of GOOBLER. It was a joy to work with such a great cast and crew with special shout outs to lead actors Briana Marin and Shawn Parsons. Kudos to writer Brian Groh and writer/director Julien Lasseur and wishing everyone a successful festival!,” said Jasper Cole.

Jasper on set with Shawn Parsons

About the Austin Film Festival:

Austin Film Festival furthers the art and craft of filmmaking by inspiring and championing the work of screenwriters, filmmakers and all artists who use the language of film to tell a story.

What AFF is probably best known for around the world is its annual October Austin Film Festival & Conference.

The Film Festival & Conference was the first event of its kind to take the lead in bringing professional and amateur screenwriters (and now filmmakers) together to celebrate the role of the screenplay in filmmaking and discuss the considerable creative possibilities of writing for film and television. Equally important, the Conference brought producers, agents and screenwriters together to foster the sale of screenplays and launch long-term successful careers.

Hundreds of writers’ groups, services and festivals have followed the Conference’s model over the past ten years, reinforcing the value of its continuing mission to recognize the art of screenwriting.

Palomino & Swissy Trailer:

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The Butcher Butchers the Competition

Multi award-winning filmmaker Michael Moutsatsos’ film The Butcher is butchering the competition on the film festival circuit. Currently The Butcher stars legendary horror star Maria Olsen (Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief, I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu, Los Angeles Shark Attack) as the grotesque and overbearing mother of the deadly butcher. This film is in 5 festivals and counting. It’s currently screening at the Reels of the Dead festival in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Northeast Ohio Cult film festival, as well as American Horrors in Lake Geneva. The Butcher will be streamed Jan 1st and 2nd on their channel on Roku  It is a semi finalist in 5the 2 week film festival and in November at Shockfest festival in Vegas November 22nd to the 24th.

The Butcher poster

Moutsatsos has directed seven films, such as Slice, Stalkerazzi, The Exorcism of Dimitri Barker Daniels. Originally from New York, Moutsatsos got his start as an actor before he fell in love with director, producing and writing. He got his start on the great white way in such films as The Warriors (Baseball furies) Spiderman, Pearl Harbor and has appeared on Broadway in CATS.

Maria Olsen as the Butcher’s mother

The film is getting a lot of buzz on the festival circuit. Reels of the Dead’s organizer Stacy Pippi called the Butcher “loads of fun.”

Still from The Butcher

“I’m blessed and truly humbled. It’s been an exciting ride. The audiences really had a blast with it and they get the 80’s vibe I’m going for. One distributer told me I reminded him of the Joel Spinel from Maniac. He dug the vibe,” said Moutsatsos.

He’s in pre-production on the Butcher 2, which stars Olsen as well.

The film’s trailer:


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Dustin Brown

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The Creative Journey of AVA ELEVEN (AVA 11)

Noted artist Ava Eleven manifests from her strong intuition and the emotional energy she feels all around her. She has an emotional sixth sense that is undefinable and guides her in a daily life.

Captivated colorful imagery displayed here

She is an artist who follows her gut deriving concepts while creating based on personal and observed societal experiences. Her soul shows her the way to create without the conscience mind. The passion of portraying the EMOTION to the viewer is Ava’s addiction. Her acquired conceptual resources remain as an extracted personal experience.

The human body is her all time source of inspiration. This Godly creation cannot be replicated no matter how precise Artificial Intelligence attempts to mirror, yet society continues to strive to mimic human emotion, while erasing feeling. Her goal is to bring back feeling and emotion to the viewer. An attempt to preserve “feeling” again and combat the epidemic of a numb soul. It is a numb soul that personal and societal issues evolve. She will ‘flip a switch’ within her viewers so that they can feel again. An undeniable emotion that cannot be pushed beneath the surface. If we do not feel, we are no longer the true definition of ‘human’ but merely a mutated species incapable of living in the now. Her work is an attempt to pause the human emotional mutation. It is not simply a ‘face value’ creation, but soulful depth.

Hypnotic art work

The method to which she revives these maddening emotions is a mixed media approach. She combine all forms of artistic rendering into one work. She pulls from my plethora of experiences with the primary being the female form and fashion. She creates a photograph, setting the scene for a real life capture to the smallest detail. She has no standard art academia rules in my creations, combining digital methods with raw historical pigments/mediums.  She lives to break the mold and follow her heart. Ava has been formally trained with a M.F.A from The Savannah College of Art & Design, majoring in Fashion Design with a minor in Art History. While there, she was able to train with an elite group of professors and art industry icons. She has combined a true life’s experience in and outside of the art world to form Ava Eleven.

whimsical pop art style design

Q: Who Is Ava Eleven?

A: I am an extremely sensitive soul, with an empathetic core. I feel too much most of the time and use that energy and feeling to drive my creative process. I try to turn those emotions into a positive form of expression, releasing unwanted or overwhelming feelings. Trapped emotions equal a numb soul, I create to keep my soul vibrant and alive.

Q: Background and what inspired you to get into photography?

A: I am classically trained from a prestigious art school where I earned a full scholarship for both my BFA and MFA. I majored in Fashion Design with a minor in Art History but used full advantage of ALL media methods while doing my studies. I built my own brand and other successful brands as a student and intern for several major fashion company collaborations. I have a “jack of all trades” sort of approach that afforded me the means to pick up my camera again years later. It was the birth of my son that pushed me to use photography as a form of expression yet again. I felt as though my eye/vision had changed in ways I was not able to ‘see’ before. It was through the lens I could create quickly and effectively with the most efficient use of time.

Q: What inspires you?

A: Emotion and feeling. Even though my mantra is ‘feelings are not facts’, I use them as life ‘guides’. I believe that without feelings, there is nothing to be inspired by. No feeling, no inspiration. No inspiration, no life. No emotion, no guidance.

Q: I notice that your work has a lot of ethereal and angelic themes? How did that develop?

A: I feel that everything happens for a reason. People and circumstances come in and out of one’s life with a true intention- Self growth, life lessons, joy, pain, rationalization, pushing one to find their ultimate meaning in this life. It’s those everyday people who turn into ‘angels’ as they help one find themselves again- Find that missing piece to one’s life puzzle. My work is how I express the process I have grown through.

Q: What are your upcoming projects?

A: I am currently doing a series about a ‘numb, heartless, fame driven society’. I am planning to exhibit ‘NUMB’ at ArtBasel 2020. I’m always looking for collaborations with individuals and brands that can truly understand and “get” what my work is all about. As of now, I will continue to let my ‘gut’ guide me. It has no reason to lie and is never wrong.

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Dustin Brown

I am the Senior Editor at

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