(HOLLYWOOD PRESS CORPS) — LOS ANGELES — August 8th, 2019 — The New Experience recently played the exclusive Los Angeles Whiskey bar, the Seven Grand. Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles the Seven Grand is Los Angeles’ hottest  venue for music  and top shelf whiskey.  The atmosphere was oozing with cool as the band arrived. Brandino arrived early and took up a spot in the VIP area that had been set aside for the band. The Seven Grand features a Whiskey bible and makes amazing top shelf cocktails. The management for Seven Grand are super nice and were so stoked to have Brandino, Robby Krieger, Ed Roth and Dale Alexander play music for the night.

The featured singer was Haley Reinhart. Haley is a singer and songwriter from Illinois who is a top winner from American Idol. She’s currently on Interscope records. She sings so well with the New Experience. Brandino and Robby are so supportive of other musicians which is really rare in the LA music scene. Haley has passion for singing and is so talented.

The New Experience at the Seven Grand. Photo by Dustin Brown

The New Experience got started with Booker T and the MG’s iconic tune, Green Onions. The New Experience was in the groove on this Thursday night. Brandino’s bass line had a heavy, confident feel. This was the best performance of the Robby Krieger fronted band. Next up, The New Experience played Valdez. Robby played a cool solo on guitar and Ed Roth played a cool clavinet solo. Ed Roth is such an important member of the New Experience. He has the ability to lay down a steady groove, but he also has the most amazing jazz chops in the business. Ed has played with everyone. Ed is known as a session player and someone with a lot of feel. Ed has a real upbeat spirit and loves to play keyboard.

Brandino is back!!!! Photo by Dustin Brown

The band picked up the pace on Revelation and went into a cool groove on a song called Breezin. The New Experience went on to play Event Horizon which is the grammy winning tune that Brandino and Robby wrote together. Robby brought it back to their blues roots with Red Rooster. They also played the jazz standard, Favorite Things. One more blues tune was Albert King’s Born Under a Bad Sign. They took it back to the Doors with Riders on the Storm. This is such a cool song that everyone at Seven Grand instantly recognized.

Ed Roth (L) hanging out with Brian Auger (R). Photo by Sanaz Danesh
Legendary keyboard player Brian Auger sat in with the New Experience. Photo by Sanaz Danesh

One thing that a lot of people might not know is that the Doors didn’t originally have a bass player. Ray Manzerak played the bass lines on an organ using the pedals. Maybe for this reason, Robby has cool organs and great keyboard players that come and sit in. Legendary Hammond Organ player, Brian Auger stopped by to play with the New Experience on Light My Fire. Brian is known for playing with Sonny Boy Williamson and Jimi Hendrix in the 60s. He sounded great on Thursday at the Seven Grand.

Brandino (L) with Robby Krieger (R) at the Seven Grand in Los Angeles. Photo by Sanaz Danesh

Dale Alexander on drums was a real treat. The stage at Seven Grand doesn’t look like much, but the sound was perfect. Dale plays so well with Brandino. He has a lot of feel and doesn’t play too loud.

Brandino at the Seven Grand on August 8, 2029. Photo by Sanaz Danesh

The young crowd at Seven Grand was really into the performance. Seven Grand is one of downtown LA’s hottest bars and the scene on Thursday was off the hook. We look forward to the next performance of the New Experience!

Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

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Batman Saves The Day Via the Smiles Through Cars Charity!

Josh is the CEO and founder of Lions View Development. Given that he’s a busy entrepreneur, he has a very full schedule each day, as he has  countless responsibilities. However, he always find time for the work which he finds to be the most important and most rewarding of all­, his charity work. In his free time in the evenings or over the weekends, he dresses up as Batman (complete with his luxury car which has been transformed into a Batmobile!) to visit sick kids in hospitals or in outpatient treatment centers or at their homes after returning from a hospital stay. It started as a one ­time favor, but when he saw how happy that first child was when he walked into the room, Josh decided right then that he would continue doing it and thus far, he’s helped give out 20,000+ toys to sick or underprivileged children.
Similar to many other teenage boys, he grew up having an interest in exotic cars. One of his cousins was a member of an exotic car club. This enabled him to bring home a different exotic car almost every week during the spring and summer months. In the beginning, he was only allowed to go for rides but as he got older, he was allowed to drive the cars. After awhile, he developed a reputation for driving high end cars so occasionally he would receive phone calls to give rides to kids in the neighborhood. One day, he received a call that changed his life and those in the community. He was asked if he could give a ride to an 8 year old girl that had cancer and always dreamed of going in a Lamborghini. Luckily that week he had a Yellow Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. He coordinated the surprise with the family to meet the girl at her house in between chemo treatments. It was an experience that changed his life forever and enabled me to visit thousands of sick children since then.
Batman saves the day!
“I was sitting in front of her house and I see a little girl being brought outside her house in a wheel chair. The girl is looking down at the ground and to say the least she doesn’t look happy. A few moments later she looked up and she sees a bright yellow Lambo in front of her house. Her ENTIRE face lit up with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen! She got into the car and i drove around for 30 minutes. The top was down, music was blasting, and her smile remained on her face the entire time. As soon as she was wheeled back into her house, the mother started crying hysterically! I thought that maybe I said something or did something offensive since it was my first time giving a ride to a sick child so I apologized to the mother. She said “No, you don’t understand why I’m crying. My daughter was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 4! She had more than 20 surgeries, she had to be quarantined, she had a bad infection which caused her to become paralyzed.” The mother continued and said “this is the first time I’ve seen my daughter smile since she was diagnosed 4 years ago!!” I realized that if i was able to have such a positive impact on this girls life during a time of despair by doing something so simple, I knew that I wanted to do whatever i could to do it more often,” said Josh.
For approximately 7 years he continued visiting sick kids and giving them rides in the various exotic cars. One day, he heard on the news about someone in Maryland named Lenny Robinson who would dress up as Batman and use his convertible Lamborghini to visit sick kids. He thought that it was amazing since he never heard about anyone else using their exotic car to help the sick kids. A few years after that, he heard unfortunate news that Lenny was on the highway and was killed by getting run over from a car that didn’t see him.  Josh never had the privilege to meet Lenny but wanted to continue his legacy and visit the sick kids as Batman. He sent his car to Impressive Autobody in Oceanside, NY to have his car transformed into a “Batmobile”. He teamed up with the NYPD, NCPD, and other various agencies to make the experience even better for the kids.
“I truly feel honored to be able to visit thousands of sick kids and meet so many amazing and inspiring families. Their strength, courage, belief, and determination always amazes me. I recently created an Instagram account “Batman Real Account” to inspire others to do simple acts of kindness. I always tell people that “kindness is something that everyone can afford to give,” added Josh.
Pictures and videos from various events can be seen on social media- Batman Real Account or via his organization’s website which is
Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

I am the Senior Editor at

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7th Annual Los Angeles Nollywood Film Awards at the Historic Miracle Theater

On Sunday, August 4th, the Los Angeles Nollywood Film Association (LANFA) will have their film awards ceremony at the historic Miracle Theater at 226 S Market St in Inglewood. Multi-talented and acclaimed filmmaker, King Bassey, is the founder of this international film festival.

King and 2017 and legendary actor and nominee Mel Novak. Photo courtesy of Bob Delgadillo/WENN
Honoree Isaac C Singleton Jr
Honoree Kate Linder, star of the Young and the Restless
Honoree Jasper Cole

Celebrities Expected: King Bassey, Founder of the Nollywood Awards and Movie Producer, honorees Kate Linder (The Young and the Restless), Isaac C. Singleton Jr. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl), Jasper Cole (The Rookie, Westworld), Laura T. Sharpe (Founder and President of Artists for Trauma), Fashion Designer Lilian Raven, Saul Mejia (President and Founder of the Panorama City Chamber of Commerce, noted actor Kim Sonderholm, media mavens Maurice Dwayne Smith, Phil Wheat, Phil Rodgers as well as nominees such as filmmaker Dustin Ferguson (Nemesis 5: The New Model), Michael S. Rodriguez (Lake of Shadows), Actor Tino Zamora (Last American Horror Show: Volume II) , Actresses Maria Olsen (I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu), Dawna Lee Heising (Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance), Vida Ghaffari (The Mindy Project), Debra Lamb (Point Break), Geovonna Casanova (Night Mistress), Alana Evans (Moon of the Blood Beast) as well as presenters Mike Ferguson (Switched at Birth), Katherin Kovin-Pacino (Holy Hollywood), William Lashbrook (Below Ground Zero), celebrity couture designer Vida Craddock, entertainment attorney Nadia Davari and many others. This event is hosted by actors Sandra Smith and Thom Michael Mulligan (Co-Founder and Executive Director of Submissions, New Hope Film Festival).

Event co-host Sandra Smith

Sponsors for this event are: LANFA, Celebrity H20, TTT Veterans Wellness Center, TopLine, Sarah’s Skinny Sweets, DAMA Tequila, the Panorama City Chamber of Commerce and Magic Image Hollywood Magazine.

Event co-host Thom Michael Mulligan

The press check-in 3:45pm, red carpet arrivals 4-5:30pm and awards presentation 6-8pm. There is free street parking and it’s black tie but men are permitted to wear suits

Nominee Dustin Ferguson. Photo courtesy of Bob Delgadillo/WENN
Nominee Dawna Lee Heising
Nominee Harley Wallen
Nominee Kaiti Wallen

MEDIA RSVP: Please RSVP to Joe Williamson at

Ticket info:

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Dustin Brown

I am the Senior Editor at

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Danish Zombie Apocalypse “Escaping the Dead” starring Lloyd Kaufman finally heading for North American Release!

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark! There really is, and it’s
been underway for quite a while. Danish zombie flick “Escaping The
Dead”, is inspired by the face eating incident in Florida a few years
Escaping the Dead poster

“Escaping The Dead” was written, produced and directed by Martin
Sonntag, while starring Bastian Brinch Pedersen as David, Lloyd
Kaufman, Lone Fleming, Kim Sønderholm (Vidar the Vampire, Finale,
Tales from the Dead Zone, Violent Starr), Heine Sørensen (Grotesk),
Sune Rolf Jensen, Sead Sainoski, Dorte Rømer, over 150 zombie actors and many, many more!

Lloyd Kaufman

Releasing October 1, pre-order can now be placed via

Kim Sonderholm

“Escaping The Dead” has been a 5 year long endeavor, shot in
Copenhagen and the surrounding cities, inspired by a series of
articles about the death drug “Krokodil” that was published about the same period of time when Ronald Poppo had his face eaten by a naked man hooked on bath salt in Miami.

It is the perfect zombie plot: a death drug that turns people into
zombies. A true film for the fans, made by true fans of the genre.

The film has its starting point in a typical day for the lead
character, David. David is the local marihuana pusher, but he is the
kind of dealer that smokes more than he sells. The country has been hit by a new death drug and when David and his partner in crime, Ahmir, is offered some exceptionally cheap cocaine
they see it as an opportunity to earn big money at a big techno
concert the following Friday. The cocaine turns out to have a terrible
side effect that creates a giant zombie outbreak that spreads across
the entire Copenhagen. In the film we follow David and his bloody
fight out of the city.

Enjoy the trailer for Escaping the Dead here:

Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

I am the Senior Editor at

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