Ramblers Media Production (R.M.P.) would like to cordially invite you to CATRINA the event on Saturday, June 22, 2019 at The Vortex at 2341 East Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles 90021.

A multicultural event dedicated to LAS CATRINAS, DAY OF THE DEAD and the amazing culture that surrounds it. CATRINA will feature 50+ vendors, themed art exhibit, live music, live body painting (CATRINA contest) and much more! This event benefits Artists for Trauma (AFT).

Natily Gonzalez, founder of Mobyarts and Laura T. Sharpe, Founder and President of Artists for Trauma

R.M.P. presents the highly anticipated Day of the Dead event in Los Angeles where they will bring awareness to the film CATRINA directed by Fernando Gaviria known for films Bad Boys II and produced by producer Danilo G. Santos.

Two-time Grammy-winning Mariachi Divas

Celebrities expected: Musical Guests, Two-Time Grammy Award-Winning Mariachi Divas, CNN Anchor Juan Carlos and Actor-Director Fernando Gaviria (Bad Boys 2, Catrina).

This event will be ALL AGES from 4-11pm with face painting and activities for kids. R.M.P. has partnered up with Artists for Trauma to create a spectacular one day event so they are able to continue their work. Face Painting, Live Painting, Live Portrait Sketching, Food, Drinks, PhotoBooth, Vendors and Altars.

“I’m thrilled and honored to host this esteemed event with such luminaries in the arts, media and entrepreneurship. “Catrina “ the movie is keeping the spirit alive by bringing traditional Day of the Dead elements,” said Natily Gonzalez, founder of Mobyarts. Gonzalez is also participating in the event.

‘Catrina’ the movie, celebrates the creative, enigmatic, “Las Catrina” who reflects the tradition of welcome, humor and comfort the Mexican culture has with death and their willingness to laugh at death itself. At AFT, we truly believe artistic expression gives one the positive ability to engage with transformation and reinvention following near death experience,” said Laura T. Sharpe, Founder and President of Artists for Trauma. 



Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

I am the Senior Editor at HollywoodPressCorps.com.

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Classiqu’ Era aligned with non profit Artists For Trauma

On Saturday, June 1st ,Classiqu’ Era and Artists For Trauma (AFT) aligned for a Soft Launch and Trunk Show for the Classiqu’ Era Collection!  Anne Devlin, Designer of Classiqu’ Era, has independently invited close colleague, Designer Monica Leigh, to take part in the celebration of launching their amazing collections together. Classiqu’ Era was delighted to announce its alignment with Charitable Foundation Artists For Trauma at a private residence in Century City. 

Designers Monica Leigh and Anne Devlin with AFT founder and President Laura T. Sharpe

VIPs in attendance were Anne Devlin, Founder of Classiqu’ Era, Inc., Monica Leigh Rodriguez, Founder and Creative Director of Monica Leigh, Laura T. Sharpe, President and Founder of Artists for Trauma and Christina Noonan, Senior Vice President of JLL Commercial Real Estate and Artists For Trauma Board Member.

Model Virginia wearing Classiqu’ Era gown

“What a lovely day!  A high-energy soft launch celebrating two great new fashion collections, and the partnership of Classiqu Era and Artists For Trauma. I am honored to be part of such a great team of women entrepreneurs and leaders. Together, we can make a positive difference!” said Anne Devlin.

Model Jhemma with designer Monica Leigh wearing one of Monica’s designs

“What an amazing event to share with Anne Devlin of Classiqu Era and Laura Sharpe of Artists for Trauma! The alignment of these two women and these two organizations has wonderful and far reaching impact into our world. I was delighted and touched to be a welcomed part of the day sharing a creative atmosphere of Fashion design and well being. Brava!” said Monica Leigh.

Designer Anne Devlin

“From the board room to the dining room to the ballroom, it was a grand day reflecting the intelligence of mindful design toward elegantly dressing the diverse sophisticated woman!” added Laura T. Sharpe.

Actress Vida G in a custom Monica Leigh jacket

About Classiqu’ Era:

Classiqu Era is a new dress company, dedicated to providing luxury, high quality dresses and gowns for executive and social women.  In answer to the desires of women everywhere, Anne Devlin, Founder and Designer, has created elegant, sophisticated work and cocktail styles that are neither too short nor too tight, and have sleeves!  The collection is sized 2-16, and is currently sold by special order, and in private showings.

More info at:




About Artists For Trauma:

Artists For Trauma is dedicated to enriching the lives of civilian and military trauma survivors through artistic expression and human connection. AFT partners with local to international non-profits, trauma hospitals, businesses, & individuals to best provide creative healing environments at no cost to the trauma survivor.





About Monica Leigh:

Monica Leigh is a newly launched luxury collection. Complete with evening gowns, cocktail dresses, and unique day to evening ensembles. Monica Leigh’s pieces are available as ready to wear order size 2 to 16 or custom order made to measure. Monica harkens upon the dark to light aesthetic, ethereal in nature, rejoicing in natural curves, color, and metallic treatments. Elegant and luxurious, for the discriminating fashion icon.

More about Monica Leigh:




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MEDIA RSVP: Please RSVP to Joe Williamson at williamsonmgmt@gmail.com

Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

I am the Senior Editor at HollywoodPressCorps.com.

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ThrillFlix Is A Brand New Entertaining Video On Demand Platform for Independent Movies

Last September, director Johan Vandewoestijne (Rabid Grannies, Engine Trouble, recently The brides and Detention amongst many others), DoP Luc de Buck (Content Management, Digitalisation and Subtitling) and Anton Zwijsen (actor and martial artist) were wondering how to prevent middlemen from taking away revenue from their motion pictures and how to generate revenue more quickly for independent films in general, in the fast-changing landscape of film distribution. They ended up making their own Video On Demand platform for independent films and it is accessible from this very day! ThrillFlix.com brings you lots of highly entertaining movies of all genres — including classics— at a subscription cost of €6,99 per month. This service is also available in the United States.

One of the first things to be understood, is that a movie does not necessarily need a theatrical release. Independent films, the so-called “indies” or “indie films, do not get a lot of opportunities anymore in the mainstream circuits dominated by the major theatrical groups such as Kinepolis or UGC. These major groups, quoted on the stock market, choose for big time blockbusters only. Small independent films do not stand a chance and because of the lack of financial means, they are not able to mount and finance a major advertising campaign. On top of that, the DVD market is in a free fall and Samsung recently decided to stop manufacturing Blu-ray players. DVD’s will probably hold out a bit longer, but certainly not as long as VHS did.

John Vandewoestijne

Therefore, the idea arose to examine how realistic it would be to create a Video on Demand platform. Months of preparation followed to check which video hosting provider could deliver the fastest streaming, what their terms and conditions were, how the website could be connected with the payment providers, etcetera.To gather this knowledge, Luc De Buck and Anton Zwijsen performed a gigantic task. Everyone had his specific tasks in the project. Anton was responsible for PR and Marketing, Luc for Content Management and Johan for Content Acquisition and Production. With his 38 years of experience in the movie industry, Johan knows exactly where to find both recent and classic films. He is also in charge of the production of “The ThrillFlix Show”.


At this moment, content deals have been signed with SGL Entertainment (California), Zeno Pictures (Belgium), Film and Media (Belgium), Filmchest (Connecticut), Belfilm (Belgium) and talks are in progress with Troma Inc. Filmchest is an American company where a huge amount of classics from the 1940’s to the 1980’s are being kept and restored.

Anton Zwijsen

Since the word is out, independent filmmakers are already offering their films to be seen on this much needed platform. They recently made a deal with Danish filmmaker Kim Sønderholm, and signed him up for 4 films including “Tour de Force”. Talks with other companies are ongoing and filmmakers, producers and distributors are welcome to get in touch with us. ThrillFlix will also produce their own movies.

Kim Sønderholm

ThrillFlix offers all sorts of films, from comedies to westerns, from thrillers to classics and from horror to Sci- Fi. They will not show short films, arthouse, and extreme underground stuff.

The accessible territories at this moment are the Benelux, The French European territories including the overseas regions, the German speaking territories in Europe, Malta, Ireland, Italy, Scandinavia and the entire African continent.

On a monthly basis a film magazine titled “The ThrillFlix Show” will be broadcasted online on ThrillFlix.com and on the ThrillFlix YouTube channel. The show will be hosted by actors Ignace Paepe, Rufus Six and Sharon Slosse.

A ThrillFlix subscription costs €6,99 per month. It is very easy to subscribe. One just has to follow the steps on https://www.ThrillFlix.com. On the catalog page, located at https://www.ThrillFlix.com/catalog, everyone can freely scroll through the films and watch all the trailers to see if ThrillFlix is for them. Everyone can try ThrillFlix for free for 7 days and the service can be cancelled at anytime.

Press Release15 May 2019 ThrillFlix.com info@thrillflix.com


Facebook: www.facebook.com/ThrillFlix
Instagram: @ThrillFlix
Twitter: @ThrillFlix
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdZvTAhGcccxqk8vzHIDbMw


More info at info@thrillflix.com

Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

I am the Senior Editor at HollywoodPressCorps.com.

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