Noted Cult Filmmaker Dustin Ferguson Unveils New Trailer for Nemesis 5: The New Model

Sci-fi/Action/Martial Arts Drama Is Executive Produced by Mark Popejoy and Albert Pyun
The upcoming Nemesis 5 is executive produced by Albert Pyun and Mark Popejoy, written by Mike Reeb and is directed by Dustin Ferguson (“The Amityville Legacy”,”Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor”).  Legendary filmmaker Albert Pyun (” The Sword and the Sorcerer”,”Cyborg” starring Jean-Claude Van Damme,) wrote and directed the first four Nemesis films.  Sue Price starred in “Nemesis 2: Nebula”, “Nemesis 3: Time Lapse” and “Nemesis 4: Death Angel”, and returns to star in “Nemesis 5: The New Model”, along with Schuylar Craig, who plays her daughter in the film.
filmmaker Dustin Ferguson

This production features legendary action star Mel Novak (Bruce Lee’s “Game of Death”, “An Eye for an Eye” opposite Chuck Norris) as the leader of the Red Army Hammerheads and multi award-winning actress Dawna Lee Heising (“Amityville: Evil Never Dies”, “Revenge of the Samurai Cop” with Tommy Wiseau of “The Disaster Artist”) as Barbie.

Nemesis 5 poster

“I’m excited to be shopping Nemesis 5 this fall at the American Film Market,” says noted cult filmmaker Ferguson. 

This much anticipated film takes place in the future. It is the year 2077 and terrorist organization known as The Red Army Hammerheads now dominate the Earth. The fate of humanity now rests in the hands of The New Model, Ari Frost (Schuylar Craig). Trained under the wing of Alex Rain (Sue Price), she must form an army of cyborg humans to take down the regime and regain control. After all, 86.5% is still considered human…Please check out the new Nemesis 5 trailer at:
Actors Dawna Lee Heising, Schuylar Craig and Mel Novak on the set of Nemesis 5
Prolific, hard-working and talented filmmaker Ferguson has owned and operated several film distribution and production companies, including 42ND Street Films and Sinister Studios.  He has directed over 50 features to date, including such notable films as “Camp Blood 4 & 5,” “Silent Night, Bloody Night 2,” and he is Editor of “Sleepaway Camp IV.”  Dustin has also produced and directed over 80 music videos, and has contracted with Wild Eye Releasing to produce and direct four films in 2018. 
Filmmaker Dustin Ferguson and Dawna Lee Heising on the set of Nemesis 5
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Dustin Brown

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Irish Brothers The Matthews To Record Debut Album With Warren Huart and Bob Marlette

(HOLLYWOOD PRESS CORPS) — One of the most exciting alternative rock bands to come along in recent times, The Matthews, are three talented brothers from Wicklow, Ireland, who have faith that their music will appeal to music fans in the United States, and look forward to introducing their music to fans Stateside.

The Irish are a musical lot. Travel to any corner of Ireland and poke your head into any pub, church, school or barn and you will hear music – from accordions, bombards, bagpipes to electric guitars. Traditional and modern. The Irish are some of the most musical people on earth: U2, Sinead O’Connor, Van Morrison, The Cranberries, Thin Lizzy, and more. Those are the modern Irish artists the world knows well, but Irish musical talent goes much much deeper than that.

The Matthews are Irish to the core, and they are carrying their country’s musical heritage into the 21st Century. Jack, Art and Max: As wee lads growing up, the brothers Matthews were inspired by The Beatles and the Beach Boys, and then as they got older: My Chemical Romance, U2, 30 Seconds to Mars, Radiohead, and Guns N’ Roses.

Vocalist Jack Mathews

Vocalist Jack was born to sing. Classically trained since the age of 11, his voice caught the attention of industry experts and fellow musicians which lead to the brother performing for the president of Ireland when Jack was 16. Jack and Max combined native Irish talent with some schooling, studying part time at the DIT Conservatory of Musical Theatre and Drama, and Music Composition in the Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin. While Art, the Matthew’s lyricist, spent time alone with the works of T.S. Eliot and Seamus Haney, soaking up inspiration.

    Producer Bob Marlette (L) with Warren Huart (R) from Pro Mix Acadamy. Photo by Kasia Huart

And the result is getting results. The Matthews began performing together in 2011 and have become a popular band across Ireland, with glowing reviews in Hotpress, Electric Picnic & 2FM. As a guitarist, Max has been compared favorably to Slash, while it has been said that Jack’s vocals are up there with Irish legends Van Morrison and Bono.

The Matthews have played with and supported other contemporary Irish artists over this time such as The Strypes, Walking On Cars, Ham Sandwich, Keywest, Aslan, Bressie and The Riptide Movement and also supported overseas acts like ‘Deaf Havana’ in sold out shows.

Having honed their sound in countless gigs large and small from Cork to Letterkenny, the brothers Matthew began to look across the horizon. Three years ago English Producer Warren Huart (The Fray, Aerosmith) discovered the boys and began working with them, recording new material in a 10-day burst in January 2017. Working with Huart and later mixed by keyboardist, mixer, writer, and producer Bob Marlette (Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie).

Producer Bob Marlette (L) with Warren Huart (R) in the studio. Photo by Kasia Huart

Excited by their new material, the band returned home to continue hard work on writing new songs. During this time their music was recognized by various American music labels, culminating in a record deal for the three brother’s in late 2017. At present the band are now preparing to record their debut album to be released in late 2018.

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Dustin Brown

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Rockin The City Of Angels

Hollywood, CA – With the Rockin The City Of Angels book, you can experience one of the greatest decades of music all over again. This book has brought together photos of the biggest concerts of the 70s in Los Angeles and text that really goes behind the scenes of the various shows in the book. With artists from AC/DC to the Who, and venues from the L.A. Forum to the Whiskey A Go Go, this book really takes you inside the music scene in L.A. in the 70’s.

Doug Harr lived in L.A. during the 70’s and loved going to concerts and photographed those experiences.

Not only are the biggest artists in music shown, but also the legendary photographers that captured those artists like Richard E. Aaron, Ian Dickson, Neal Preston, and Neil Zlozower. Not only are the concerts of 70s covered in the book, but also studio albums, live albums and movies recorded during that era.

From Frank Zappa at the Roxy to Led Zeppelin at the L.A. Forum, Rockin the City of Angels really does give a great insight to all the historic concerts in L.A. and era of music to never be forgotten.


HOLLYWOOD PRESS CORPS — DECEMBER 12, 2017 — Bob Marlette is a multi-talented, multi-tasking musician, arranger and producer with a list of credits longer than John Bonham’s drum solo for Moby Dick. Going back to playing keyboards for Al Stewart on 24 Carrots in 1980, Marlette has produced, engineered, mixed, sung and played keyboards, synthesizer, drums, bass, organ, strings, mellotron and other instruments for everyone from Alice Cooper to Rob Zombie: Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Quiet Riot, Tracy Chapman, Sebastian Bach, John Wetton, Laura Branigan, Krokus, The Storm and two dozen other artists and bands.

Bob Marlette in his element. Photo by Kasia Huart

Marlette is best-known for his work with rock and metal bands. He engineered/produced/mixed Saliva’s Grammy-nominated album Every Six Seconds and did the same for Black Sabbath’s Reunion and Seether’s platinum-selling Disclaimer II.

Bob Marlette (L) with Warren Huart (R) in the studio disussing recording. Photo by Kasia Huart

With almost 40-years experience, Bob’s career is still going strong and he is proud to share his experience and knowledge with Produce Like a Pro.

Bob’s three-hour mixing course includes:
• How to achieve more clarity, punch, excitement and emotion in the mix.

• Bob’s unique approach to mixing hard-hitting rock drums.

Bob and Warren in the studio. Photo by Kasia Huart

• How to mold multiple layers of heavy guitars and synths and mix vocals that cut through a dense rock mix.


• How to use effects creatively to take your song to another dimension.

Rock producer Bob Marlette (L) with Warren Huart (R) from Pro Mix Acadamy. Photo by Kasia Huart

• The secrets to dealing with ‘thin’ rock vocals- make them cut through the mix and compete with heavy guitars and aggressive drums.

• Shaping rock vocals to stay ‘present.’ Add dimension and space with effects – without sacrificing clarity or aggression.

• It is written: ‘In mixing, the low-end is what separates the men from the boys.’ Marlette will demonstrate how to manage the low-end to achieve massive punch, definition and energy.


• Huge and impactful drums are key to rock and heavy metal records. Marlette shares his methods for mixing kicks and snares.

Bob and Warren in the studio. Photo by Kasia Huart

Bob Marlette doesn’t hold back or keep any secrets: He explains every step of the way in detail, so you can easily apply the same principles to your own music. He mixes 100% in the box, using plugins only. Which means you can apply these techniques and achieve the same results in your home studio.

For more information on Bob Marlette’s course, click here


Thanksgiving is over, the holidays are coming and Produce Like a Pro is jumping into the holiday spirit by offering big discounts on its packages for recording, producing and mixing.

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Over 80+ hours of recording and mixing tutorials – updated weekly.
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Mix feedback from Warren Huart.
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Learn mixing from world class engineers who have worked with dozens of well known artists from A to Z – Ace Frehley to White Zombie – and a wide range of artists in between: Aerosmith, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Galatikon, Gwen Stefani, Heart, Incubus, Megadeth, Metallica, Missy Elliott, Motörhead, MxPx, Nas, Nelly, Nicki, Pantera, Pennywise, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Static-X, Sum 41, Swizz Beatz, The Roots, Tyga, Velvet Revolver, Weezer and many more!

These bundles include courses in mixing, mastering, recording and producing from the likes of Cameron Webb, Ulrich Wild, Phil Allen, Tony Franklin, Warren Sokol, Rob Mayzes and a wide variety of expert, excellent sound engineers, mixers and producers.

Regularly  $1991. Black Friday price $397.

Regularly $1376, now $297

Regularly $342, now $97

Regularly $342, now $97


The clock is ticking on these big savings, as they are available from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

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Dustin Brown

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Singer Songwriter Morris Mills Releases New Album Entitled Protege

HOLLYWOOD PRESS CORPS — NOVEMBER 21, 2017 — Protege is an original, pop-funk-rock album by singer songwriter Morris Mills. Richly “co-inspired by Prince”, it’s reminiscent rhythms and loveable lyrics, reverently saturate these seventeen, irresistibly danceable tracks. Bracketed by Prelude Ascension, The Call and The Interlude, weaving a thematic quality throughout these soulful, rock compositions. A wellspring of creativity overflows here, deliriously seducing us, one and all, conceived, composed and recorded in Morris’s studio, in Los Angeles, January 2017.

Consumed by his deep admiration for Prince, Morris embodies an unshakeable likeness. Protege “Waste of Time” is a nod to Prince’s “When You Were Mine”, contrasted with “Ghetto Black”, all about a reality TV stars’ grittier exploits. In all there are seventeen, equally funky-sexy tracks igniting this thematic album, playable start to finish.

Morris Mills on the red carpet

Protege delivers androgynous vocals, funk-rock guitar licks, memorable keyboards, and cascading brass riffs, as in the heart-tugging ballad “Sunshine and Rain” filling the air with the synergy to move your body like you mean it!

Morris Mills

Take a listen and see for yourself just how much Protege has earned its venerated place among the Minneapolis Sound inspired music.
Tour dates are planned for spring and summer of 2018, both California and national tours.

Check out his website here

Peter Manning Robinson at Vortex Dome Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Press Corps) — Saturday, November 11th — Emmy award winning song writer, musician and inventor Peter Manning Robinson played a sold out performance at the mind bending performance space known as the Vortex Dome Los Angeles. This event was presented by Vortex Immersion Media and located at the LA Center Studios campus in downtown Los Angeles. This was a chance to experience Peter Manning Robinson’s Refractor Piano. The Refractor Piano is a life long passion project by Mr. Robinson. Without using any outside beats or samples, Peter creates original compositions that layer the piano’s sounds into an avant guard auditory experience that is unique and innovative. Peter’s performance on Saturday was rich in improvisation. Adding to the sounds of the grand piano were Hana Kim’s layered video images.

Peter Manning Robinson — photo by Alex Kluft Photography

These images were projected into the dome which creates a 360 degree experience. Also on hand at the sold out event was Klaus Hoch. Klaus works closely with Peter on developing the Refractor Piano as well as being the creative director for the project.
Peter began each original composition with a short story of what the song was about. He spoke about how he came to write each piece and what the piece means to him. We were lucky to be in attendance of the rare American Composer. In the tradition of avant guard composers like Aaron Copland and Frank Zappa, Peter uses his Steinway piano to record and loop traditional playing, but also uses mallets to play directly on the strings themselves. Once a rhythm is made, Peter can play and layer classical and jazz style piano into this composition.

Peter Manning Robinson in downtown Los Angeles

The first original composition of the night was very intense and urban called the “Iron Road.” Hana Kim’s visuals took us on a journey to a far away city where we seemed to endlessly drive through a city scape. Peter assembled a piece that showcased his playing ability and passion. The first piece was full of energy. The visuals and sounds hold the audience in a different place. The Vortex Dome Los Angeles allows you to look all around. Peter transcends a typical piano performance.

Peter Manning Robinson playing the Refractor Piano

The second piece of the night featured owls. Peter spoke about the owl and its mythological significance to tribes. Peter spoke of his love for owls. He said he can refract the sounds of owls that live on his estate and play that refracted sound back to them! “Owls of the Night” was the piece that Peter created right in front of us. A bit more mysterious and subdued than “Iron Road,” I thought this piece really showed off the capabilities of the Refractor Piano. Hana Kim’s visuals were stunning. There was a combination of owls flying and owls looking into your soul. The owls seemed to move perfectly with the soundscapes that Peter created. This was a beautiful composition and the immersive Vortex Dome really added to Peter’s performance. Peter took the time between tunes to explain how he became a musical voyager. Listening to these stories set up the entire piece.

Peter Manning Robinson — photo by Alex Kluft Photography

“Dancing in the Purple Sky” is a song that Peter created deep in the Kauai rainforests of Hawaii. Peter said that the tree frogs could create a sound that was 130 decibels. The song that Peter created is more of a straight piano tune. Its chords modulate up and down in a pleasant jazz pattern. This piece was one of my favorite tunes. If “Dancing in the Purple Sky” was my favorite straight piano piece, “Precipice” was my favorite Refractor Piano piece. “Precipice” is a piece that Peter wrote about the obstacle that people go through in their lives and how we overcome them.

Peter starts this piece with echoing high piano notes seeming to cascade down into a chasm. These sounds are paired together with notes that sound like cellos countering the downward spiral. This is an amazing piece of music created by a modern American composer. American composers are in short supply these days. It’s great to have a local Los Angeles composer who has crafted music for movies and TV  among us and making music about the city and the world we all live in.  During Saturday’s performance, Hana Kim’s 360 degree visuals were of escalators and other urban images layered over our heads like a digital circus performance.
The gritty tune called “O Guerreiro Espiritual” is an upbeat piano tune with a funky bass line. Peter glides through chromatic scales on his Steinway and seems to get the piano to release its voice from way up high to way down low. The Refractor Piano is an amazing invention that can be used so many different ways.

Peter Manning Robinson — photo by Alex Kluft Photography

“Black Stone Paths” starts out with Peter creating a soundscape from tapping on the strings of the piano with mallets. Hana Kim’s visuals were also swirling in a 360 during at the start of this number. Peter mentioned that no two performances are ever the exact same with the Refractor Piano. Depending on the vibe at the venue, what time of year, how Peter is feeling, how the audience is feeling, etc, he creates in real time. Like a DJ stoking a nightclub crowd, Peter is composing, mixing and vibing from the energy. He, like the audience, sees the 360 degree visuals and the performance reflects these feelings.
“Fireflies in Orbit” is an amazing tune. The piano’s melody sounded Stravinsky like with a lower synthesizer bass-sounding line providing the rhythm. Hana Kim’s visual are not only things that look like firefly’s, but also what it might look like if you actually ARE a firefly. Once again the full range of the Refractor Piano can be heard on this piece. The Steinway got a full work out as highs and lows were refracted like a prism refracting glass. A full rainbow of sounds and music.

Peter Manning Robinson — photo by Alex Kluft Photography

Watching a Peter Manning Robinson concert up close is a unique and inspiring experience. It was such a pleasure to listen and watch someone make music that is truly original and assemble that music right in front of you. If you get a chance to attend a Peter Manning Robinson concert, I highly recommend it.

Check out his website here

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Dustin Brown

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Pinkfong’s Baby Shark Becomes Global Sensation

(HOLLYWOOD PRESS CORPS) — OCTOBER 30, 2017 — Pinkfong, a worldwide children’s entertainment company, today reported a huge milestone for digital consumption of its flagship video series, “Baby Shark.”


The series, which has spawned an international social media challenge, has been viewed 1 billion times worldwide to date, which amounts to more than 1.4 billion minutes of view time; equivalent to marathoning the “Harry Potter” movie series 1,258,000 times. In addition, the colorful and engaging “Baby Shark Dance” video, which inspired the eponymous challenge has achieved 400 million views, surpassing the views of 2016’s hit viral song  “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen.”

Steadily gaining popularity across the globe, Pinkfong’s “Baby Shark” video has contributed to the explosive growth of the company’s YouTube channels, which have nearly 5 million subscribers cumulatively, doubling since May 2017. The English version of “Baby Shark” has gained 2.4 billion views since its launch, and reached 4 billion viewers across its channels.


Pinkfong’s cache of content includes 2,500 songs, stories and apps within its vast library. Its videos can be accessed on the App Store and Google Play, as well as on YouTube and Amazon Video.


For more information about Pinkfong, visit


Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

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Win a Recording Package from Produce Like a Pro

(HOLLYWOOD PRESS CORPS) — OCTOBER 27, 2017 — Paul Simon once sang: “These are the days of miracle and wonders,” and that applies to just about every facet of modern human life – from self-landing rockets to electric cars to producing music: Quality studio equipment has become more and more affordable, which makes it possible for home (or bedroom) studio recordists to produce great sounding tracks.

Tony Franklin and Warren Huart in the studio. Photo courtesy Kasia Huart

As an advocate for high quality, low cost recording equipment- Warren puts his money where is mouth is by achieving million-dollar results for only thousands of dollars.

To prove his point, Huart recently took a low-cost recording bundle to Sunset Sound – where Prince, The Rolling Stones and Whitney Houston recorded massive albums. Huart rocked up with his $4,300 worth of recording equipment and went head to head with the best of the best at Sunset Sound.

Tony Franklin – photo courtesy Kasia Huart

He is giving away this $4,300 bundle to one lucky engineer! Enter here

Working with guitarist Christian Vegh, Tony Franklin (Jimmy Page, Whitesnake) on fretless bass and drummer Greg D’Angelo (White Lion, Anthrax), Huart recorded a session comparing his four-figure equipment against Sunset Sound’s equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars:

· Audient iD14 interface & ASP800 preamp ($950 value) against Sunset Sound’s custom built console in Studio 3 (estimated value of 1 million dollars).
· 12 Lewitt microphones ($3,250 value) against Sunset’s beautiful mic collection of Neumann U67s, M49s and FET47s, AKGs and Sennheisers ($100,000 value)
· IK Multimedia AmpliTube 4 ($99 value)against the best amps & cabs Sunset has to offer ($10,000 value)

Photo by Kasia Huart

The results were amazing. It shows that for a fraction of the cost you can get incredible recordings. Watch the comparison here

Warren Huart knows his stuff, and now he is giving away this entire recording package ($4,300 value) to a lucky budding sound engineer. Enter the giveaway here

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Dustin Brown

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‘Street Dreams’ Becomes a Driven Reality

Jordan Cann and Aaron Thompson of J&S Film Productions are set to produce the much anticipated “Street Dreams.” This film is about an undercover cop from the streets of LA who overcomes racism, politics and opposition from those close to him to become a counterintelligence agent in the FBI. Production is slated for November 2017 and stars R&B superstar/writer Eric Bellinger (Usher, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber), rapper/actress Siya (Dueces, Sisterhood of Hip Hop, Wyclef Jean), social media personality/actress, Jessica Vanessa and rapper Yung from Cali Swag District. This will be Cann and Thompson’s first major motion picture led by executive producer, Malik Delaigle of J&S Film Productions in association with multi-award winning filmmaker Romane Simon’s Lucky Strike Films. Simon is also the founder of the Lucky Strike Film Festival.

Jordan Cann and Aaron Thompson. Photo courtesy of Alysse Stewart
Filmmaker Romane Simone, founder of Lucky Strike Films and the Lucky Strike Film Festival

Cann, who is just months out of film school and Thompson who are no strangers to the film biz with several award-winning shorts along with dancing in music videos and commercials behind Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars. This film has an expected 2018 release. Cann and Thompson said, “It’s a huge step from our beginnings to make a project like this, but we are confident in our experience and talents to bring a game changing action drama, yet a heartfelt piece of work that audiences relate to…Maybe even Oscar worthy.”

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Dustin Brown

I am the Senior Editor at

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